We’re dedicated to publishing the best undergraduate art and writing at Miami University.


Inklings is an undergraduate literary magazine at Miami University.  We release one Fall and one Spring issue.  Our mission is to publish the best undergraduate art and writing at Miami.  Our submission process is selective, but yields a magazine full of innovative and high quality poetry, prose, creative nonfiction, photography, painting, sculpture and digital design.

Our staff, usually around 15-20 students, meets on Sunday nights for a lively debate and vote on the submissions received that week.  We evaluate the quality of each piece with special attention to formal mastery of the creator’s chosen medium.  Submissions are viewed anonymously in meetings.

We believe our magazine offers a glimpse into the vibrant community of artists and writers at Miami, and the tradition of exclusive publication in Inklings is a great thing to be a part of.

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IF you are an artist / poet / word-sculptor, then you should submit to inklings!!

To submit writing of any kind, e-mail the Writing Director at: inklingswriting@miamioh.edu .

To submit visual art of any kind, email the Art Director, at: inklingsart@miamioh.edu.

When submitting, please keep these general guidelines in mind:

Submit no more than 5 writing/art pieces at a time. Additionally, we can only accept five submissions from any one student per issue. Therefore, if a piece of yours is accepted, you can only resubmit a maximum of 4 submissions, and so on. You may resubmit new pieces until we accept up to five pieces.

In the subject line of your submission email, write something like “Inklings Writing/Art” or “Submission” so that we know your email isn’t spam. In the body of the email, please include your name, email address, and the titles of your pieces.

For writing: Please attach your pieces in a separate word document–we accept any kind of text format compatible with word, so no .pdf’s please. Try to keep your name out of the actual submission document.

For Art: Please send the size of the piece, the medium used, and if you would like, a short artist statement.

We’ll get back to you in around 1-2 weeks. If we haven’t gotten back to you by then, something must have gone wrong! Please send us email so we can fix the problem.

today’s poem

Meg Matthias

we got the

radio behind me we talk early poems smoke & scrape & teeth & mirrors as overdramatic sons-of unworried by shaking in chest. you say spectatorship is scopophilia so i must find my graven image arousing like grace kelly’s velvet mouth, ask where is my extra female mask to see myself through through which to see myself. my teeth in the reflection of your glasses: dull like coconut oil but whole right from the dentist office. laura mulvey! i say. i didn’t expect to find you here! the one true anxiety dream is parting ripped lips & front tooth breaking jagged, lost mid conversation. zoomed in with a close up on cracked chalk in my mouth in what otherwise is a pov shot. you say, ha! i love it when we hang out.

 from Inklings volume 21 issue 1